Six Nights of White Collar Brawlers

We have all dreamed about it – taking down an obnoxious colleague or pummeling a workplace rival. White Collar Brawlers makes these dreams a reality.

In every episode, two office adversaries push themselves to the limit, learning to box from some of Gleason’s Gym’s most hardcore trainers.

Trainer Harry KeittTrainer James Thornwell

Trainer Delan Parsley Sr.Gleason's Gym owner Bruce Silverglade

Trainer James Thornwell

The participants have trained for ten weeks and are now ready for their competitions.

The bouts are sanctioned by USABoxing Metro and will take place this week and next week.

The bout schedule is:

Friday June 20 at 4PM.

Saturday June 21 at 4PM and 8PM.

Sunday June 22 at 4PM and 8PM.

Monday June 23 at 4PM and 8PM.

Tuesday June 24 at 4PM and 8PM.

Wednesday June 25 at 4PM and 8PM.

Come join us for the fun.

There is no charge.

Gleason's Gym owner Bruce Silverglade