Sing it Loud: Under the Bridge, Under the Bridge

UPDATED: The WORLD RECORD for most people singing Under the Bridge under a bridge was set at 73 enthusiastic voices! People of all ages showed up to lend their harmonies and there were even a few dogs (not sure if they were included in the count). Thanks to all who came out!

Attention all shower singers: On Thursday, December 1, you can be a part of history by joining DUMBO branding agency Red Antler, the DUMBO Improvement District and RecordSetter set the record for the greatest number of people singing the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under the Bridge– under a bridge (a.k.a. the Manhattan Bridge, under the Archway).

Red Antler has been working with RecordSetter, a (previously DUMBO based) digital start-up, for the past several months on their new site, rebranding and business strategies. They got together with the DUMBO Improvement District to find a record the whole community could set together, and we of course first looked at the resources: We’ve got people. We’ve got bridges. We’ve got people who can sing under bridges. Hmmm…

Lyrics to the Red Hot Chili Peppers classic will be handed out to all who want to participate. Arrive at 6 to be counted (record will begin promptly at 6:30). The whole thing will be recorded and premiered at RecordSetter’s upcoming book launch at powerHouse Arena on December 9.

RedAntler is one of DUMBO’s fastest growing creative agency start ups. Soon to move to 20 Jay, the firm got its start at 45 Main and specializes in branding and online strategies for start-ups and new ventures.

We asked Red Antler’s Emily Heyward to talk about their work for RecordSetter to give us a sense of the work that this agency on the rise is all about:
“This past Spring, my branding and design consultancy Red Antler began work with our client RecordSetter. RecordSetter is the new home of world records: what Wikipedia is to Encyclopedia Britannica, RecordSetter is to the Guinness Book of World Records. Anyone with an idea and a dream can submit a world record, and we instantly fell in love with RecordSetter’s mission to prove that everybody is the “world’s best” at something. At the time we started working together, the brand was called URDB World Records, and they initially approached us for help renaming. URDB had seen great success, with live events, appearances on Jimmy Fallon, big brand partnerships, and a continuously growing site and fan base. But with a new book coming out and many other exciting developments on the horizon, they felt they needed a name that was simpler and more memorable in order to grow to the next level. We agreed, and led the team through a strategic renaming effort, guiding them to select a name that is democratic and active, and brings the people who set the records to the forefront of the brand. RecordSetter was the clear choice, and we next set out to create a new identity that captured the spirit of the brand’s evolution.Because this was an evolution of an existing business, there were certain brand elements we wanted to maintain. We knew how iconic the color yellow was to their fan base (RecordSetter “officials” always wear bright yellow jackets when judging live events), as well as the heroic torch that was part of their old mark. But we also wanted to create a bold, enthusiastic brand that would stand out online and could live everywhere from book covers to television appearances. Our solution was to incorporate the torch into the mark itself, taking advantage of the two T’s to form both the base of the torch as well as symbolize a person standing in triumphant pose – the record setter contained within RecordSetter.

To ensure legibility of the logo, we did some “man/woman on the street” research in Brooklyn Bridge Park. What better place to capture opinions from people all over the country and the world? We spoke to a wide range of tourists and New York natives, and the good news is our mark held up!

From there, we extended the brand identity to tshirts, certificates, badges, stickers, and more. We continue to work with RecordSetter to evolve the UX and design of their site, and will be rolling out new design and features in the coming months. Our team always relishes the opportunity to work on a brand that lives both online and off, especially one like RecordSetter that is the perfect embodiment of positivity, encouragement, and fun.

RecordSetter’s book will be officially launching on December 9 at powerHouse Books, hope to see you there!”