Rainbows in the Forecast for 11/11/11

What’s pink and purple, yellow and orange, Swiss and DUMBO, includes a tuba and will get hundreds of designers out of bed an hour early this Friday? It’s the latest CreativeMornings (the incredible, free speaker-series at Galapagos Art Space run by design-guru, Studiomates and founder Tina Roth Eisenberg – a.k.a. swissmiss), happening on the date special to number nerds everywhere, 11.11.11.

This month’s speaker is fellow Studiomate, Jessi Arrington, designer and purveyor of rainbows worldwide. After you get your coffee and insights inside of Galapagos, Jessi, swissmiss and the whole gang are going to lead a rainbow parade around DUMBO and are hoping the entire community will come out to join. To participate, you can either attend CreativeMornings or just show up outside of Galapagos at 9:45am dressed all in one color (whatever color strikes your fancy). Jessi will do a quick arrangement of folks by their spot on the spectrum and then a marching band will lead the way!

Jessi tells us, “I like to make excuses to celebrate the magic of color, music, dancing, laughter and friendship! Plus it’s really fun to get dressed head-to-toe in one bright color and arrive at a place where everyone else is doing the same! I’ve had parades in Cleveland, Orlando and Manhattan over the last couple of months, but I’m really thrilled the largest Rainbow Birthday Parade will be taking place where it all started, the neighborhood where I live and work: DUMBO!”

We love Jessi’s parading aesthetic (as you can tell by the background of the DUMBO Decoder, an image taken at the Hole Sale we helped Jessi throw last spring). To help make this the best looking entourage DUMBO has seen, the DUMBO Improvement District is going to give away a Galapagos gift certificate and a bunch of great tattoos to the best dressed parader.

Read more about rainbow parades and Studiomates in the New York Times here.

Great recommendations from swissmiss on what to do after the rainbow parade here.

More details: 

  • 8:30am – doors at Galapagos Art Space. sold out.
  • 9am – design talk and discussion with Jessi Arrington. sold out.
  • 9:45am – rainbow parade around DUMBO staring the Raya Brass Band.
  • No RSVP needed for the parade, but you do need one for CreativeMornings. RSVP here. sold out.

Photo via dumbonyc