PS 307 Kindergarten Registration Deadline

Now that the the re-zoning for PS 8 and PS 307 has been made official: DUMBO parents looking to enroll your students at PS 307, here are a couple of important dates for you this week and coming up.

Kindergarten application deadline was extended to Jan 20th for families with children born in 2011.

Pre-K for families with children born in 2012, the window to register is between January 25th and March 4th. All details here.

Also, there will be a meeting with families in DUMBO whose new zoned school now is PS 307 to discuss questions, ideas and concerns of local families with oldest children born in 2011 and 2012. The principal Stephanie Carroll will share her vision for the school. The meeting will take place on Wednesday 1/27 from 6 to 7.30 pm at PS 307 on York Street. No need to register.

What does PS 307 offer for your student?

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – at PS 307 is all encompassing, every child from Pre-K to Grade 5 is immersed in STEM studies throughout their day and within all academic subjects. Additionally, PS 307 offers an expansive selection of programs including Mandarin as a foreign language, violin, cheerleading and wrestling, an after school program until 6 pm and more.

Pre-K: PS 307 has the only public Pre-K program in the DUMBO area. There is a max of 18 students per class each school year from Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 2.20 pm.



Why Choose PS 307?

“As a DUMBO family with two small children, the oldest of whom is currently attending pre-K at PS 307, our experience has been wonderful. It is obvious to us that the staff, students, and current community care deeply about the school and have been successful in creating a fostering learning environment.” -Parents of Oscar, DUMBO Resident and Pre-K student at PS 307 (below in turquoise shirt)

PS 307 DUMBO Oscar


“We very thoughtfully chose PS 307 because of its fantastic four clusters of programming; art, music, Mandarin and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Additionally, Daniel Hale Williams as a Magnet School, has advanced resources like its science lab, robotics team, smart boards and tables that nurture our son’s growing interest in technology. As a family who lives outside the zone, we instantly felt the sense of community thriving at PS 307, and decided we wanted to be a part of it.” -Parents of Jacob, Ridgewood Resident and Kindergarten student at PS 307

PS 307 DUMBO Collins-Dodd


“We choose to travel over 30 minutes back and forth each day for the specialized programming that PS 307 provides. We love the multitude of options our kids have for extra-curricular activities. Another thing that really drove us to send our children here is the diversity at the school.” -Parents of Brenda and Mauricio, Midwood Residents and Kindergarten (Brenda)/ 3rd Grade (Mauricio) student at PS 307

PS 307 DUMBO Brenda and Mauricio


“We were attracted to PS307 due to the convenience of a short walk to school (vital in Winter) and the Magnet program that sees my son learn Mandarin and music each week. The teaching staff have been incredibly enthusiastic and my son loves going to school each day.” – Parents of Max, Downtown Brooklyn Resident and Pre-K student at PS 307

PS 307 DUMBO Max