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POV Announces Hackathon Project for Filmmakers

DUMBO’s POV is focused on changing the game for documentarians – creating new platforms for the medium. This weekend (August 11 and 12), five of POV’s filmmakers will be taking on a new kind of challenge called Hackathon.  They’ll have two days to collaborate with a software developer to create web documentary prototypes of their films.  The end product can be anything from a widget to an app or something never even seen before!

The five projects selected for the Hackathon are:

  • Aatsinki: The Story of Artic Cowboys, which tells the tale of Finnish reindeer herders
  • Living Los Sures, which examines a changing Brooklyn neighborhood
  • StoryCorps the Peabody-Award winning oral history project
  • Feed Me a Story, which discovers American’s shared experiences through food
  • Op-Video, which animates current public affairs

More info on all of these projects at POV’s blog. The announcement of the Hackathon has left us imagining a game where reindeer are herded into the mouths of hungry Americans who later share the tale with StoryCorps, but we’re sure they’ll think of something better than that!