+Pool: A Floating, Filtering Pool In the East River

Soon you may be able to take a dip in the river without having to worry about knocking a couple years off your life. +Pool is a floating and active filtering, river water pool to be set in the East River. Like a giant strainer, the walls of the pool will be made up of several filtering layers that suck in and clean half a million gallons river water per day to a safe, swimmable level, even after a storm.

The +Pool team is seeking crowd-funding via Kickstarter to build a smaller scale prototype to be set in the East River off the coast of Brooklyn Bridge Park by the end of August. Currently, they have raised just over $200,000 dollars of their $250,000 goal to be met by July 12. Project backers receive a commemorative pool tile to keep and a tile with the engraving of your choice will be used to build the larger public pool in the future.

If the prototype succeeds, +Pool hopes grow into its full-scale form by 2016. The public pool would include four areas: a kids pool, laps pool, recreation pool, and lounging pool.

As a city built on islands, we are noticeably disconnected from the water that surrounds us. +Pool could help change how we use and view our river ecosystem, as well as provide  a innovative place to cool off during future summer months as hot as this one.