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Please Touch the Art comes to Brooklyn Bridge Park

From May 17, 2015 through April 17, 2016, Brooklyn Bridge Park will play host to Public Art Fund‘s exhibition of Jeppe Hein’s Please Touch the Art. Hein, a Danish artist, is known for his perceptually engaging, sculpturally inventive, and conceptually layered works. The 18 playful sculptures, designed specifically for public interaction, will be Hein’s most comprehensive public space exhibition in the United States.

Please Touch the Art is comprised of three distinct bodies of work:

  • Appearing Rooms (Pier 1 at the Bridge View Lawn), a series of “rooms” formed when water shoots up from the work’s gridded base along “walls” that appear and disappear throughout the day;
  • Mirror Labyrinth (Pier 3 Greenway), featuring equidistantly spaced vertical elements at varying heights made from mirror-polished stainless steel that multiply that surrounding landscape through myriad reflections; and
  • Modified Social benches (throughout the park), 16 new structures that upend the idea of a traditional park bench with their unconventional angled, curved, twisted, and bent forms.

For more information visit the Public Art Fund.

Photo: CC Image by Sofia Gk on Flickr