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Mumbo Jumbo: A Show in DUMBO on Nov 16

This Saturday, November 16th at 8:00 P.M. marks the first annual performance of Stage Pell-Mell: The Grey Matter of Wandering Minds and the Plight of Lost Souls {or} Mumbo Jumbo: A Show in Dumbo. The show is held at Winkel Studios in DUMBO, Brooklyn.


Stage Pell-Mell is a collection of original short works in the form of one-acts, poetry, songs, skits, puppet shows, and many other types of performance arts. It’s kind of like “New Works Festival” meets “Variety Show”. The night will consist of an hour of curated acts, ranging from depressing to hilarious, a raffle with various prizes, and a night of drinks and laughter to the sounds of live music. This unique show brings together the ease of performances like live music and comedy and the adventurous style of experimental performance art and modern dance. The variety in styles and acts provides entertainment for anyone, from first-time theatre goer to art connoisseur.


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