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Looking for Superstar Interns?

Do you need a superstar intern?

If your company has projects that you have been putting off or you could just do with an extra pair of hands, why not try an international intern from Intern New York (INY).  INY places international students from all over the world on internships with leading companies across NYC.

INY has a large number of high-caliber students arriving throughout 2016, so they’re looking for companies and organizations in a range of fields who want to take advantage of high quality, fully vetted and interviewed, international interns, completely free of charge.

Interns are available for placements of between 6 and 24 weeks, and can assist with anything from projects that you have been putting off to just alleviating the task burden of a busy team. INY organizes all visas and provide our interns with support and training while they are in New York to ensure that get the most out of the experience.

If your company would benefit from high quality, fully vetted and interviewed, international interns, completely free of charge email them at companies(at)internnewyork(dot)com

For more information checkout their website at

Intern New York is a

division of The Intern Group (TIG).  TIG is an award winning company that has been placing and hosting international students in internships since 2011. We operate in London, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Madrid and Colombia, and now New York.