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DUMBO Collective Wants YOU to Post-It Bomb Windows

DUMBO Arts Festival is just around the corner and our local tech firms are getting in on the action … with a little help from the office supply cabinet.

Titled “8-bit Post-It” and inspired by the guerrilla Post-It bombing movement, the show takes on iconic characters from classic 8-bit video games such as “Space Invaders” and “Frogger.” And yes, all the art is made from those little sticky squares of paper.

“8-bit Post-It” was born from a spontaneous collaboration between employees at two local tech companies on either side of Washington Street. After designers at one of the companies covered their windows with Post-Its last spring in the form of “Space Invaders” aliens, their counterparts across Washington Street responded with Post-It Pac-Man ghosts. The tableau continues to grow.

During the festival (September 27-29) “8-bit Post-It” will fill windows at the former Bubby’s site at 1 Main Street, as well as at 45 Main Street and other locations around DUMBO. In an effort to expand their 8-bit vision, the collective behind the show, Supply Closet Cabal, is inviting the entire neighborhood to join the fun — simply create a Post-It note creation on your office window. Need some inspiration? Click here.

Photo by Rick Martin