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Light Year presents “Transflexion” August 6

For August First Thursday, coming up on August 6, Light Year explores the interconnected nature of existence in a special collection of videos curated by DUMBO’s own Leo Kuelbs with Eike Berg.

Transflexion: The Net of Mirrors

August 6, 2015 at Dusk
Projected on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage (Anchorage Place at Pearl St in DUMBO)
Curatated by Leo Kuelbs and Eike Berg. Installation Design by Thomas Rotenberg

“Transflexion: The Net of Mirrors” begins its evolution: transforming from an installation-based art+sound event, to a single-channel entity presented in a new site, a new city. The concept underpinning “Transflexion: The Net of Mirrors” has to do with “Dependent Origination,” which states that “all things arise in dependence upon multiple causes and conditions.” The growing realization of the interconnected nature of existence is the starting point for the six visual works playing to a single, unsynchronized, soundtrack. Every moment is singular, yet similar.  The concept evolves with each presentation. Moments reflecting upon moments, and moments…
The dynamic nature of the circuits of communication between multiple objects and infinite reflections—the stuff of the communal fabric itself—are another aspect illuminated by “Transflexion: The Net of Mirrors.”

Six artists working in video/time-based media will create the visual aspects of the show, while a singular soundtrack created by Alexander Hacke will loop independently. The sound expands the single video works and vice versa each autonomous visual changes the perception of the sound. The inner structure of the show represents the idea.

After watching one art piece the sound changes its nature in the observer. Afterwards the perception is different at the next art work. The interdependence of several visual works and one sound effectively create a show that is never the same, every showing, every moment.

Mirroring implicates reflection in form and content. It can close connections between screens or devices, between spaces and ideas, between physical and virtual levels. Artists and art works are the mirrors, those influence the way of reflection by their individual nature. Mirroring means to structure reality by repeating, distorting, combining its elements.

About “Light Year”

The Manhattan Bridge comes alive with “Light Year,” a one-year program of projected video art presented the First Thursday of every month.  In honor of the United Nations’ declaration of 2015 as The Year of Light and Light Art, “Light Year” includes a well-rounded program of video artists from around the globe.  Curated, created and presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection, John Ensor Parker and Glowing Bulbs (aka 3_Search), “Light Year” reveals surprising connections and highlights DUMBO’s role as an important hub for technology and the arts.