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Light Year presents “Depth of Field” July 2

On Thursday July 2, Light Year will present a special collection of videos curated by DUMBO’s own Leo Kuelbs with Farkas Fulop.

Depth of Field

July 2, 2015 at Dusk
Projected on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage (Anchorage Place at Pearl St in DUMBO)
Curators: Leo Kuelbs with Farkas Fulop

Artists: Thomas Draschan, Glowing Bulbs, John Ensor Parker, Vadim Schaeffler and Ryan Uzilevsky

Using work from two shows originally presented in 2010, July’s LIGHT YEAR: “Depth of Field,” considers the long view. Five single-channel videos (four of which were previously presented on the bridge as part of “The Endless Bridge,” and one from “The Decelerator”) give us an opportunity to look back and compare our experiences then with our lives now. This look back through time includes the first mapped piece presented in DUMBO, as well as the first released footage of the Gulf Coast oil leak. LIGHT YEAR: “Depth of Field” serves as an encore for some of the best single-channel videos every presented on the bridge, as well as an invitation to look through time and consider what has changed and what has remained.

About “Light Year”

The Manhattan Bridge comes alive with “Light Year,” a one-year program of projected video art presented the First Thursday of every month.  In honor of the United Nations’ declaration of 2015 as The Year of Light and Light Art, “Light Year” includes a well-rounded program of video artists from around the globe.  Curated, created and presented by Leo Kuelbs Collection, John Ensor Parker and Glowing Bulbs (aka 3_Search), “Light Year” reveals surprising connections and highlights Dumbo’s role as an important hub for technology and the arts.