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“Las Bicicletas” Exhibit Comes to DUMBO

On July 1st, some of you may have spotted new colorful sculptures at the corner of Jay and Sands Street and along Pearl Street in DUMBO.  The exhibit, “Las Bicicletas,” comes from artist Gilberto Aceves Navarro, an avid bicyclist who hopes to provoke discussion about bikes, people, and urban living.  Following the success of “Las Bicicletas” in Aceves Navarro’s native Mexico City and later Monterrey, Navarro’s exhibit debuted in the US today, just a few blocks south of the York Street F subway station.  Through a partnership with NYCDOT and NYC Parks, one hundred and twenty-two sculptures will be installed this week throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Constructed of sheet metal painted red, white, black or orange, the sculptures depict bikes in various whimsical and dynamic positions, both with and without riders.  Aceves Navarro found his inspiration in city life, believing that there is a growing need for alternative transportation.  He calls his sculptures “vehicles of happiness” for bringing together people, healthy living, and environmental awareness.  According to the “Las Bicicletas” press release, Aceves Navarro stated, “Las Bicicletas stems from my desire to connect people and the environment. It is my hope that while New Yorkers are enjoying the summer, the exhibit prompts discussion about the overuse of automobiles in modern cities, and the other options that exist for transportation.”  We couldn’t agree more.  The summer is the perfect time to grab a bike and explore the city.

In an interview with Transportation Alternatives, Aceves Navarro explained how bikes have influenced the streets of Mexico City: “Helping to clean the environment is a very important concern of mine and I think that bicycles are an unbeatable alternative to using polluting methods of transportation. I’m happy to see that in my city there is a bike share program, as well as better bike lane infrastructure. Now we need to educate drivers to respect cyclists.”  Through “Las Bicicletas,” he hopes to encourage others to make a small change (biking, instead of driving) to make a big difference in the city’s environmental impact and public health.

If you want to find all 122 bikes, make sure you install the “Las Bicicletas” app!  Additionally, “Las Bicicletas” tours will be available throughout the summer but they’re BYO bike and helmet.

The installation runs through September 30th.  To learn more, please visit the “Las Bicicletas” website.

Images courtesy of “Las Bicicletas.”