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Karen O to Debut Psycho Opera at St. Ann’s Warehouse

St. Ann’s Warehouse will premiere Karen O’s new psycho-opera, Stop the Virgens, in October. St. Ann’s reports that the show will be “An assault on the tragic joys of youth, fever dreams drenched in visual seduction, a cathartic spell spun through a cycle of nine songs.”  Karen O is getting some assists from her fellow Yeah Yeah Yeah bandmates – including Nick Zinner (musical direction) and Brian Chase (performing). The show will also feature Greenhornes/Raconteurs, Money Mark, and Lili Taylor.

Of her psycho-drama, Karen O says: “It’s aiming to have all the good stuff of escapist entertainment with a few sucker punches to the gut along the way.”

Check out her recent duet with Santogold and start getting excited…

Stop the Virgens will run from October 12 to 20, as part of the Creators Project which comes to DUMBO October 14-16. Stay tuned for more info on the Creators Project coming soon.

Image via LiveDesign.