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Help Connect DUMBO to Dublin via Art

Award-winning Irish artist Cathal Curtin has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund his project Twin Space, which will create a live audio visual link between DUMBO and Dublin.

The project will be comprised of two screens–one in the Pearl Street Plaza and the other in Dublin’s Front Square–that will act as windows from one city into the other and will allow the people of Dublin and DUMBO to talk face-to-face.

Speaking about the project, Curtin says: “Our smartphones tell us we’re connected, but we don’t really feel it. These structures will allow people to high-five from different sides of the planet.”

Twin Space will be installed in December 2015, and remain in place until March 2016 should funding for the project be achieved. The Kickstarter campaign has just 17 days left and is still over $200,000 away from its funding goal. Donate here to help bring Twin Space to DUMBO!

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