Great Posts From Around DUMBO: 11/17/14

Welcome to another addition to Great Posts From Around DUMBO! It is here and only here (maybe not only) where you can find out what several of your digital neighborhood friends are up to. Lets begin with…

  • West Elm! Check out Molly Yeh’s post about a perfect holiday dish, but with an extra twist. Hint: it includes bacon.
  • Also, click here to find out how a dedicated individual, Yao Cheng, turned her passion into a career.
  • For some entertainment, read Offtrack Travels’s post about 6 terrifying airplane flights. Who knows, you might have been on one of them.
  • Sometimes ordering pizza gets kind of boring. Not to worry: if you are short on time and stuck at work, use these amazing food apps listed by Tendigi.The first App is actually pretty good.
  • In today’s world world, emailing is what separates humans from lesser beings. If you think you are emailing like a lesser being, please read Freelancerunion’s article on How to Not Suck at Email.