Get Involved: Participatory Budgeting Voting Starts 4/13

Want to be involved in determining how your tax dollars get spent? This is your chance: Council Member Steve Levin has announced District 33’s 3rd annual Participatory Budgeting vote week.

Between April 13 and 19, residents of the 33rd District will have a chance to vote on capital projects that will have a real impact on their community. This year, Vinegar Hill’s own PS 307 is on the ballot, hoping to upgrade their library (#11 on the ballot. See full ballot for more info).

Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend $1 million of their tax dollars. Since last fall, community members have come together to suggest ideas for how to improve their neighborhoods and over the past several months, volunteer committees have been taking those ideas and turning them into formal proposals for capital projects. Now, you get to vote and decide which projects win!

Please click here for the full ballot and a listing of voting dates and locations. Remember, if you are at least 14 years old you are eligible to vote – all you need is to bring a proof of address. Stop by the Project Expos on April 18th & 19th to learn more about the projects in person.


For more information:
Call: 718-875-5200
Text: ‘DECIDE’ to 212-676-8384