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Game Changers Apply: Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp

Brooklyn Beta (the inspired initiative of 10 Jay Studiomates Chris Shiflett and Cameron Koczon) wants to seed your amazing idea this summer at Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp, a 12 week program to help talented designers and developers launch the next big thing.

The Summer Camp will give “designer-developer teams” the tools (financial and brainpower) to build the next generation of web products designed to make a difference. Chris and Cameron will invest $25,000 into camp attendees’ companies for a 6% stake and will also provide help along the way by providing access to a list of advisors and supporters that include DUMBO luminaries Tina Roth Eisenberg (swissmiss), Etsy Creative Director Randy Hunt and these other amazing web folks:

What kind of projects will make the cut for Summer Camp? Game changers. “We are hoping to back big ideas looking to make a real impact. Don’t just make something for your peers. Build something that fixes the insanity of modern education. Or helps people weather the upcoming financial crises and rise in unemployment. Or improves the health of people around the world. Or brings neighbors closer together. Or helps people run small businesses. Or strengthens the bonds of families. Or puts existing abusive, mammoth institutions out of business (pretty please).”

Co-founder Chris Shiflett adds, “I’ve watched start-ups learn to embrace developers as first-class citizens. Founding a start-up without a technical co-founder is almost unheard of these days. We think design is just as important and would like to encourage more designers to be co-founders. We believe better collaboration between designers and developers will create better products. With Summer Camp, we’re hoping to do our part to help nudge things in the right direction.”

Applications are not live yet, but you can sign up for their newsletter here for updates on when the application is up. The deadline for applicants is May 31st.

Photo via jontangerine on Flickr