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Storytellers Storm the Stage at Galapagos

“START THE CAR” debuted at This Red Door last January with “Loss and Translation” and will be presenting its third storytelling event “Getting Lost” on Thursday, October 10 at Galapagos Art Space. “START THE CAR” is a rotating line-up of storytellers and performers who offer up diverse essays, non-fiction, and fictionalized stories based around a loose theme, using sound, pictures, written and spoken word, video, music, images, collaboration and any other modes to creatively enhance the narrative.

Featured Performers:

Zeffrey Throwell (Whitney, MoMA) / Hollis Witherspoon (Comedy Central, The PIT, WBAI) / Elena Megalos (The Moth) / Jenny Zhang (LMCC, Rookie Mag) / Chris Stackhouse (Poet, Art In America) / Benaifer Bhadha (Narativ) / Nathaniel Sullivan (Flux Factory, This Red Door)

Doors open at 7PM; stories begin at 8PM. Tickets are $12 at the door. More info here.