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Galapagos Hosts 24 Hour Film Racing Gala and Award Ceremony

It’s a race like no other where competitors substitute film reels for racing wheels, although perhaps there were still some racing wheels involved. The 24 Hour Film Race is coming to close at a special gala screen August 17 at the Galapagos Art Space. Film Racing gives contestants 24 hours to create a short film (max 4 minutes) based on a theme (time travel), action (crumpling a piece of paper) and prop (an egg) revealed at the start of the countdown.

Hundreds of teams from around the world turned in films for the May 19 deadline. Meanwhile, the submissions have been narrowed down to the top 24 for the judges. The winning four films will receive prizes totaling $12,500 in cash, plus software suites and flashy camera rigs and jibs.

Tickets are required and start at $15. Doors for gala open at 5:30PM on August 17. The event is 21 and over. For ticket information, click here.