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First Thursday Gallery Walk April 3

DUMBO’s First Thursday Gallery Walk is April 3 and we’ve got your guide to the robust line-up of openings, performances and cultural activities — plus one zodiac-inspired sculpture under the Archway, created by DUMBO architecture firm Young Projects.


This month, Folioleaf shows work by elusive Brooklyn-based street artist, DAIN, who layers black and white collages with vibrant pigments and spray paint.  In his collages, DAIN appropriates images found in contemporary periodicals. Through his elegant juxtapositions, DAIN adopts the content and contexts of the original images to create his own surreal portraits.

Here’s Folioleaf’s exhibition description:

Using images of Hollywood icons and fashion models,  DAIN splices and overlaps famous faces, creating hybrid ‘icons’ that dissociate the familiar to create something a bit more surreal. Coupling male and female identity into unified characters, DAIN points to a disjointed harmony, which simultaneously complements and detracts from the whole. In his correlated images, famous personalities (and our idealizations of them) become subsidiary and empty.

Another First Thursday highlight is a gallery show at the Made in NY Media Center called Surveillance.01-USA. This exhibition assembles works by interdisciplinary artists and investigative journalists who are appropriating the tools of, and analyzing, surveillance—camera, screen, data, and drone.

All First Thursday events are open to the public and free. Galleries and shops stay open late, making DUMBO a great after-work destination for art-seekers. Local bars and restaurants also get in on the action: check out neighborhood happy hour specials here.

 Image via Maude Boltz