Electrical Fire Closes 45 Main for the Day

UPDATE 6:30 pm: 45 Main will re-open at 8 am Thursday, October 13.

45 Main Street remains closed due to an electrical fire and the resulting electrical and water main damage. The building is closed for the day and will likely re-open tomorrow. powerHouse Arena suffered damage and remains closed. The impact of this incident extends to Starbucks across the street, which was closed on Wednesday morning, as well. Bubby’s at One Main remains open, serving coffee and WiFi.

Crowds gathered outside the building earlier this morning to figure out alternate work arrangements and many DUMBO workers were headed off at the F train at the sight of coworkers getting back onto the train.

Two Trees is actively working to resolve all building issues and will continue to update tenants via Twitter and the Work Speed program. We will bring you updates as they become available.

Photo: Josh Derr