DUMBO Covered in New Flood Zone Map

As part of the city’s Hurricane Sandy After-Action report last month, a new and improved flood zone map has been issued using updated elevation data and a model that assumes a flood occurring at high-tide. The new zones add some 600,000 New Yorkers to flood zones as the city moves well prepared into an era where hurricanes equivalent to Sandy may be expected. In total, almost three million people across the five boroughs fall into the new flood zones which are delineated as zones 1 through 6, replaced the old zones A, B and C. The goal is to enable the city to better tailor disaster response and inform citizens of evacuation orders more precisely.

For DUMBO, this means residents will have to know what zone they live or work in, as almost the entire neighborhood falls under a flood zone. Buildings within two blocks of the water front are for the most part within Zone 1. Up the hill, York Street and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway form the edge of the flood zone. The map also displays flood evacuation centers, the nearest of which for DUMBO residents is 300 Jay Street, at the New York City College of Technology.

The mayor’s office encourages residents to form community groups and be aware of the different flood zones within their neighborhoods. Physical maps will be mailed to every address within a flood zone by the end of June.

Check out the map here.