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#DAF13 Curated Guides: Kids! Techies! Participatory Art!

The DUMBO Arts Festival schedule is packed — and now’s the time to map out the events that must be seen and must not be missed. Here are our top highlights for kids, tech-lovers and festival-goers who want some hands-on action.


1. Be sure to check out and spend some time in Kidlot which is open Saturday and Sunday from noon to six. The action packed lot features events such as Storytime, creating 3D artwork, drawing with robots, and even a photo booth for Time Out New York Kids for a chance at a cover photo! [Washington St. & Plymouth St.]

2. The Ship Of Tolerance, is a conceptual piece with a mission to educate and connect youth of different continents, cultures, and identities through the language of art. The Ship will be launched on September 27, 2013 at 12 p.m. at a celebration which will bring all the children who participated in the project to join in a sail raising ceremony and, for the first time, see which paintings were chosen to create the sail. [East River Cove].

3. Follow the fun and spectacle that is Andrey Bartenev, Bubbles of Hope Art Processional — A joyous choreographed procession through the streets of DUMBO led by Andrey Bartenev, a Russian performance artist, provocateur and the ultimate humanist bringing 120 costumes from his collections! Meet the team at Pier 1 [Ferry Landing at 12pm] and travel onwards!


1. Crys Moore & Manuela Donoso, Working Title — “Working Title” is an interactive surface that uses water, rather than glass or acrylic, as a touch screen. The designers’ intention is to playfully blur the boundary between real and virtual, by creating an experience that is magical and unexpected. The user interacts with the piece by placing their finger in the water, creating “food” for the “creatures” to swim to and devour. [85 Washington St.]

2. NYU ITP Residents, Variable Dimensions Curious about the future? A group of 7 Resident Researchers from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program present recent pieces that make creative use of technology. These artists combine programming with sound, video, digital fabrication and physical interaction to create work that explores a diverse variety of concepts, ideas and experiences. [111 Front St. Suite 216]

3. Daniel Iglesia, 24 Axes & Cinematic Skyline Opening  Daniel Iglesia creates music and media for humans, computers, and broad interactions of the two. “24 Axes & Cinematic Skyline Opening” are a pair of A/V performance works by composer and media artist Daniel Iglesia. Both are generated and rendered for 3D glasses in real time, creating an improvised world in which sound and video are linked together at extremely close levels. [AT&T Festival Lounge – One Main St.]


1. Incredible Machines, #tones — “#tones” is an immersive audio-visual experience that allows players to collaborate in a unique form of music-making simply by moving their bodies. Through intuitive interactions, up to six players can control a variety of virtual instruments including lead vocals, which are auto-tuned melodies made using live tweets. The players’ physical environment is transformed by responsive projections mapped onto their surroundings, transporting them into a unique and immersive musical play-space. [AT&T Festival Lounge – One Main St.]

2. The Heather Hart Experience, Bartertown Come on down to Bartertown where participants are invited to bring their ideas, services, songs, stories, unwanted goods, handmade art, appliances, anything that may hold value, and haggle for something that they want. Bartertown will have the appearance of a street fair or block party, but the only rule is that no currency may be exchanged. It will be a space for contemplation on community, tradition and self-empowerment; a site of both cosmic futurism and native legends. This year’s Bartertown theme evokes the magic of a DUMBO movie in a post-Mayan prophecy context. [Washington St. & Plymouth St.]

2. Abhaya Yoga, Live Beats & Yoga FlowNeed a moment of peace in the midst of all the excitement? Abhaya Yoga in DUMBO will offer a full flowing practice with live music, that will be sure to set a sweet mood and vibe for all participants. Brooklyn-based “Rest of the River” will turn this yoga practice into “yoga meets music” using different instruments spanning from East to West. The event will be open to yogis of all fitness levels. [10 Jay St. Suite 600]

NOTE: All exhibits are on view during festival hours (Fri 6–9pm, Sat noon–9pm, Sun noon–6pm) unless otherwise noted. Evening projection works are on view 8pm–midnight.