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Tech Triangle Interns Available for Summer ’15

Looking for a summer intern who can code, design or who has media experience? Look no further than up Jay Street! The Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program (BTTIP) connects Brooklyn’s growing tech and media sectors to technically skilled interns, including web developers and programmers, media specialists, designers, and engineering technologists. They recruit from a pool of over 2,000 tech students in Downtown Brooklyn, pairing them with innovative organizations throughout the Tech Triangle.

In their fifth season providing specialized interns to Brooklyn Tech Triangle digital and creative companies, BTTIP is now accepting applications for the summer session.

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program (BTTIP) connects local college students studying to become web developers, programmers, designers, and engineering technologists with internships at tech and media businesses in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle (DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard) and surrounding areas. Since the program’s launch in June 2013, City Tech students have completed over 100 internships with technology and media firms located in Brooklyn – many of whom go on to gain full-time employment.

Find future employees: Internships are a great way to source new talent. Internships can be a trial period in which the employer is able to assess the skills of an intern and provide training where needed. Having knowledge of the intern’s personality, skills and work habits prior to hiring them for full-time employment greatly reduces the risks associated with hiring unknown candidates. A successful intern can transition into a successful employee who contributes to the growth of the company.

BTTIP Business Testimonials

In a hyper-competitive market for technical talent, the Brooklyn Tech Triangle Internship Program helped us uncover new, young developers. BlankSlate signed on to participate in the BTTIP summer program in 2014, embracing the no cost and low-risk opportunity to take on interns. We hired our intern when he was a senior studying computer engineering. Bright and eager to learn, our intern quickly picked up real-world skills and more responsibility with the mentorship that we provided. After his internship ended, it was an easy decision to offer him a part-time position for the next semester, and then a full-time career with BlankSlate once he graduated. Our intern is now a full-fledged web developer at BlankSlate, working on some of our top projects. Thanks to BTTIP we were able to hire great home-grown tech talent. We would recommend the program to any Brooklyn technology company. – Blank Slate, BTTIP/DUMBO Business

Being a start-up facility without a marketing budget, we have not had the opportunity to hire a full time graphic designer. BTTIP has helped us be able to design online, print, and outdoor campaigns. –Made In NY IFP Media Center, BTTIP/DUMBO Business

Because of BTTIP we got an opportunity to do a number of projects that we otherwise would not have time to have completed. These included brochure design, video editing, and creation of product demos.-Zignage, BTTIP Business

Summer Program Structure (June-August 2015)

  • Intern salaries ($15/per hour) are funded by the program, at no cost to the business.
  • Summer internships must take place on-site at local firms.
  • Internships take place from Monday to Thursday during business hours for a total of 28 hours per week.
  • Summer interns are required to participate in a week long work readiness program before starting the internship in June.
  • Throughout the Summer program interns are required to attend educational and leadership development seminars. These seminars are designed for interns to learn about job opportunities in the tech and media sectors, access skill building workshops and take site visit trips to different tech and media companies in New York City.

Business Applications

  • Business applications open the first week of April 2015, to apply for the program or learn more about the process contact the BTTIP, Internship Coordinator, Juan Carlos Payero, MPA  jpayero(at)brooklynnavyyard(dot)org.