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Bower Hill Society Raises a Glass in DUMBO

Cheers to the tech execs at The JAR Group for launching Bower Hill Society, a self-described “booze-appreciation society” that brings together spirit enthusiasts for local quaff and stimulating conversation at the firm’s office space at 45 Main.

“In DUMBO, people tend to mobilize around a great idea,” The JAR Group social media manager Amy Litt told DNAinfo. “We envisioned this event as an opportunity to sip a single malt Scotch and bring local creatives together — and it worked.”

With a name that’s a nod to the primary battle of the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791, the idea to create Bower Hill Society emerged after an in-office bourbon happy hour and quickly expanded to include JAR Group employees and craft cocktail aficionados alike.

Bower Hill Society’s next event, on Feb 7, will pair Virginia Distillery Company’s Virginia Highland Malt with alcoholic cupcakes from the Prohibition Bakery. Tickets are available now for $35.

Bottoms up, DUMBO!