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BHS Hosts Brooklyn Bridge-Inspired Musical Theater

From October 15-17, grab a chance to witness a music theater production about the development of a city icon at the Brooklyn Historical Society. It’s hard to think about New York City without picturing the Brooklyn Bridge, but do you know when and how the bridge was built? At The Bridge, you will find the answers through the eyes of 1920’s poet Hart Crane, and even be able to see live performances. The piece was written by Matt Marks and Liv Cummins while they were graduate students at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program.

Stylistically, this opera/musical theater hybrid is inspired by theatrical legends including Bertolt Brecht and Robert Wilson and is structured as a collage, with short scenes leading up to bigger musical moments as Hart’s poem and Emily’s bridge are built. Musically, the piece draws on both the jazz-infused 1920’s and the genteel Victorian 1880’s. Through this piece, the writers aim to illuminate the relationship between art, infrastructure, and history, showing how the examination of these elements together can lead to exponential cultural

Tickets and additional information can be found here