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Allen Glatter’s TALLY-HO at Front & York

TALLY-HO is part of the LIMAWHISKEYFOXTROT series of sculptures artist Allen Glatter began in 2011. The name refers to the NATO phonetic alphabet and underscores the semaphore-like character of the individual pieces. The sculptures articulate a single, closed, continuous eccentric line moving through space. The movement, rate, and trajectory of the line are informed by drawing that Glatter makes in his Brooklyn studio using pendulums; these drawings are then transcribed using CAD-based software into shop drawings that are used to produce the sculpture.

Installed at the corner of York St, Front St, and the BQU off ramp, TALLY-HO is presented through a partnership between Two Trees Management Co and NYCDOT as a part of DOT’s Arterventions program. The sculpture is made of stainless-steel tube and stands 11 feet high.

Allen Glatter has spent the last twenty years behind the scenes in the art world, participating in the production and installation of many major exhibitions both in the United States and internationally. He had his first solo exhibition of sculpture and drawings at Rawson Projects in February, 2012, and presented other works from the LIMAWHISKEYFOXTROT series at the 2012 DUMBO Arts Festival.

Please don’t climb the sculpture.