About Claire Rosen: Imaginarium 

United Photo Industries is proud to present Claire Rosen’s elaborate photographic tableaux constructions of whimsical anthropomorphic animals, archetypal heroines, and symbolic still lives which evoke the aesthetics of classical painting. On view 2017-12-07 to 2018-01-27

About John Zinsser: Oil Paintings 

MINUS SPACE is pleased to present the solo exhibition John Zinsser: Oil Paintings. This is the Brooklyn-based artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The exhibition will be on view until February 24.

About Lisa M. Robinson: Terrestra 

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 11, 6:00–8:00pm Klompching Gallery is delighted to present new work by Lisa M. Robinson. Terrestra is seven years in the making, and continues the artist’s deep-seated reverence for the natural landscape. These outstanding new photographs follow in the footsteps of Robinson’s critically acclaimed Snowbound and Oceana series, where she began her conceptual and artistic exploration of the landscape, in relation to the ebb and flow of climatic change and man’s relationship to it. The exhibition features nine large-scale color photographs, depicting geological specimens in varying forms of abstraction, as well as pulled-back views of desert landscapes, marked by the traces of millennia-old evidence of

About Nancy Baker 

Nancy Baker will exhibit a site-specific/large scale installation with mixed media collage. The exhibit will be on view until February 26.

Q+A: Jay Strauss, Westville

"This is my favorite location. I love the physical space, I love the neighborhood feel, I love the streets and the look, and it feels like home to me."


Q+A: Kishore Doddi, VRBAR

"We'd love to collaborate with people and companies in DUMBO--and we hope to collaborate on some art pieces or at different events either here or in other locations."


Q+A: Julie Golia, Brooklyn Historical Society

"We wanted to tell the story of this building, the history of this building, and equip people with the tools to then leave the building and see history all around them!"


Q+A: Jennifer Zuklie, The Swoondle Society

"DUMBO is such a great community; you can easily walk around and see your friends or people you know on a daily basis. People continue to be supportive of the community while elevating it with the interesting things coming to fruition here."


Q+A: Humberto Matas, Designit

Designit is a strategic design firm based in DUMBO. They work with ambitious brands to create high-impact products, services, systems and spaces – that people love, because, as they say: what matters to people, matters to business. We sat down with Humberto Matas, Global Managing Director {in green, above}, to learn more about the company, […]


About Vimeo Presents Ladies with Lenses: Women Killin’ It Behind the Camera 

Vimeo Staff Picks curator Meghan Oretsky plucks the best shorts from her Vimeo channel “Ladies With Lenses” for a celebration of women who create beauty and magic on film. The filmmakers behind each short will be present for Q&As and an opportunity to mingle and network with like-minded filmmakers, film lovers, and fellow cheerleaders will take place after the event. Expect positive vibes and quality vids! 6:30 PM – Doors Open 6:45 PM – Screenings Begin 8:30 PM – Reception Short films: “The Convention” by Jessica Dimmock “Watched” by Katie E. Mitchell “You Can Go” by Christine Turner “Sidewalk” by Celia Bullwinkel Register here

About Insider Strategies for an Indie Screenwriting Career 

How do you make a living out of screenwriting? And build a sustainable career around your voice? In this course, you will explore the dynamics of positioning a project effectively in the market by using your distinctive voice. You will gain insight into the career path of professional screenwriters and the opportunities that are out there. Instructor Ingrid Jungermann (Women Who Kill) will hone in on the writing process itself and how to write realistic, compelling scripts. She will share with you her own strategies to get a project notice and sold. Additionally, she will lead a Q&A session with

About TuneCore Artist Consultations 

Join TuneCore at 55 Washington Street, Suite 560, for an evening of conversations with experts, artists, and other members of the music community. There will be no panels, only roundtable conversations covering topics that are vital to musicians. This event is for everyone in the music community. All attendees will have 15-minute group sessions with each of the esteemed experts before rotating to the next table and topic. Experts and their topics for the night are: Dave Edwards, Music Producer/Audiomack on working with labels and marketing yourself Brendan Gilmartin, Chart Room Media on PR campaign strategies David Ecker, Spotify on artists on Spotify

About Ultra Violet Pilot 

C.A.N.V.A.S gallery is proud to present "Ultra Violet Pilot," a unique take on art with visuals that are meant to stimulate your third eye under black light visual. The featured artist is the legendary "Rammer" Martinez who will be debuting his 2018 collection as well as a rare live painting for DUMBO's First Thursday Gallery Walk and showcasing his legendary "Ramography." $5 Tickets can be purchased here.
Fractal Architectures

Check out Laetitia Soulier's mesmerizing photography series.

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