About Book Launch: The Stolen Child 

Set on an enchanted island off the west coast of Ireland, Lisa Carey’s luminous new novel explores themes of regret and desire, myth, and the universal need to connect. About The Stolen Child: St. Brigid’s Island is a secluded community off the west coast of Ireland; a world steeped in tradition, ripe with familial love and deceit, and brimming with magic. This is the atmospheric and enchanted setting for The Stolen Child, by award-winning author Lisa Carey. Set in 1959, the story follows twenty-three year old twins, Rose and Emer, who, though they are married to brothers, could not be

About The Moon: Jarrod Beck, STAR FISH: ruby onyinyechi amanze 

Smack Mellon is pleased to present two solo exhibitions. Jarrod Beck's text, collaborative performances, and astounding site-specific installation comprise The Moon. For the duration of the exhibition, a 60-foot-diameter, handmade paper moon will hover over the gallery floor and reach upward into the coal trough ceiling infrastructure. ruby onyinyechi amanze presents STAR FISH: new large-scale, dimensional drawings. The work is part of an ongoing, non-linear narrative where aliens, hybrids, and ghosts reside in a magical world of constructed realities, memory, and make-believe. The exhibition ends, February 26th.

About Infrastructure: Land, Mind, Country Artists 

The exhibition, curated by Sharon Butler and Rachel Farber, aims to be an investigation of our nation, illuminating the structural relationships among three elements – Land, Mind, and Country. Briefly, land is a raw material of country, and country is an indispensable element of mind. The three elements are not practically divisible, but rather are constructed, perceived, and interpreted in coordination with one another. While land can exist and function in a natural state, it also can be enhanced or destroyed by human action that the mind conceives and executes. Country comprises not only land so altered or maintained, but

About TIPC 2016: Origin 

At a time of increased uncertainty and tension on both the interpersonal and global stages, photography’s role in helping us negotiate our daily existence has never been stronger. The fourth edition of the Tokyo International Photography Competition presents a group exhibition exploring the meaning of "Origin". The Exhibition ends, February 25th. Image caption © Kai Caemmerer, "Unborn Cities No 2, 2015"

Q+A: Thor Snilsberg of CityScience

DUMBO truly is our natural habitat, surrounded by other creatives and forward-thinking companies.


Q+A: IMAXShift Instructors

Get to know the six rockstar instructors at IMAXShift.


Q+A: Brooklyn Biscuit Company

Can a Connecticut Yankee make good biscuits? The proof is in the, er, biscuit.


Q+A: Jarrod Beck

"I really loved working here because it is one of those spots in New York that’s very open."


Q+A: Craig Kanarick, CEO of Mouth

If you’re looking to sample tasty local treats from around the U.S., look no further than Mouth Indie Spirits + Wine Gallery, a wonderful shop tucked into 192 Water Street. Their brick & mortar location, along with their online retail shop, offers some of the best alcohol and small-batch treats available. But most importantly, Mouth […]


About Media Master Class: Craft Your Pitch 

Does your brand, project, or business need more media attention? Crack the media code and understand what the media wants, and how to give it to them in a full-day workshop with Emmy Award winning producer and author Paula Rizzo and editor, speaker and branding expert Terri Trespicio. Bring your ideas, your ambitions, and a notebook, and strap in for a fast-paced day that will change the way you see your business—and your potential. What you get: · An inside tour of the media industry and how it can boost your visibility
 · Learn the blind spots that experts and

About Book Launch: Start Up by Doree Shafrir and Q&A with Isaac Fitzgerald 

A hugely entertaining, humorous and introspective debut set in the cutthroat world of New York tech startups. Join powerHouse for a conversation between the author, and Buzzfeed Books editor Isaac Fitzgerald. RSVP appreciated: RSVP@powerHouseArena.com

About Book Launch: Alice & Oliver by Charles Bock 

A deeply affecting novel, inspired from events in the author’s life, is a compassionate, wise, and humorous account of the tragedy of illness, and a reminder of the powerful medium of books as a way for sharing these important stories. RSVP appreciated: RSVP@powerHouseArena.com

About Book Launch: Magnetic City by Justin Davidson 

A personal approach to examining the historical, cultural, architectural, of seven New York City neighborhoods from New York magazine’s architecture critic Justin Davidson.
Fractal Architectures

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