About Book Launch: Aftercare Instructions by Bonnie Pipkin 

Join the powerHouse in launching Bonnie Pipkin’s debut novel, AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS, the story of a young woman who is pushed into adulthood by the absence of her parents, the stigma surrounding her abortion, and building a future out of a broken past. RSVP

About Julio Grinblatt: Pasillos 

Pasillos features a single, horizontal frieze of 40 photographs from his Pasillos series in their New York debut.

About Richard Jochum: Crossword Project & Thirty-Two Angry Dogs 

The exhibition includes two large-scale media installations: Crossword Project, ,an interactive crowd-sourced crossword puzzle that visitors can answer through a webform or Twitter feed using #crosswordproject, and Thirty-Two Angry Dogss, video recordings of 32 performers silently barking.

About Vanitas: Jeanette May & Kimberly Witham 

Vanitas: Jeanette May & Kimberly Witham is an exhibition of contemporary still life photographs, that draw inspiration from the Dutch Golden Age of still life.

Q+A: Chelsea Mauldin, Public Policy Lab

"We really believe the public's needs and aspirations should be the basis of policy and service-making."


Q+A: Amy Robinson from Jacques Torres

I feel like I discover a place everyday. It’s just a great blend of places that’s been here forever and some brand new. They all really fit in with the culture and energy of this area.


The Modern Chemist Opens in DUMBO!

Give a big DUMBO welcome to this new pharmacy on Water Street.


Q+A: Marina Field of North Star Workforce Solutions LLC

"It would be great to help business in the area where I spent a majority of my adult life living. I didn’t understand how much of a rich community there was until I attended this year’s annual meeting. It made me really want to become part of it."


Q+A: ArtWise

Ever wish you could get your hands on an original Warhol poster celebrating the Brooklyn Bridge Centennial? You can, along with a wealth of other extraordinary prints right here in DUMBO, thanks to a gem of a company hidden in 135 Plymouth. Art Wise has been in the neighborhood since 1997, and in the years since, […]


About Come Out and Play 

Don't miss this annual highlight! For a fourth year, Come Out and Play After Dark will turn the streets of DUMBO into a giant arcade, with social party games, life-sized physical video games and wild new street games. We're talking the fast-paced collaborative puzzle game Block Party, a wizarding war battled out over projections, Vocal Grafitti which allows you to paint the walls of the Archway with your voice, and Space Kitty, an infi-player arcade shooter in which players use the flashlight on their phone to defend the Space Kitty Mothership from encroaching dog aliens (or Dog-liens). Free and all ages. Bring your imagination!

About World Science Festival 

Attendees can take a look through WSF’s high-tech telescopes for an up-close view of the moon, Jupiter, and other celestial objects. Then, grab an LED-lighted umbrella and jump into Umbrella Project! See more details below.

About Light Year 27: Motion 

LIGHT YEAR 27: MOTION by Triangle Arts Association Video Art Exhibit projected onto the Manhattan Bridge Thursday, July 6 1 8 - 10pm In the Pearl Street Triangle (Water St & Pearl St.) DUMBO, Brooklyn Curated by: Chloé Angiolini & Azzah Sultan Triangle is an artist‐founded non‐profit art institution in New York City, working locally and globally since 1982. Their programs emphasize research, dialogue and experimentation through residencies and public programs. In this exhibit, they have 5 artists part of the Triangle family: John Bjerklie, a current board member at Triangle; Aya Momose, a current resident at Triangle, Rachel Monosov and Lior Tamim, two alumns of Triangle; and

About Sounds Unseen: A Photographic Memoir of The Calais Sessions 

Sounds Unseen: A Photographic Memoir of The Calais Sessions chronicles a collaborative music project between musicians living in the UK and musicians living in the temporary refugee camps of Northern France.

About Tunnel Vision 

Free and open to the world, TunnelVision brings community, music, dance, and art to the monumental Archway Under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO. This summer series features a globally renowned roster of DJs, musical guests, performers, and collaborators who are dedicated to inspire and elevate our minds and spirits. This month is Ladies First! Join us for TunnelVision's season opener with some of New York's finest. These DJ's rock some of Manhattan & Brooklyn's hottest parties. ///// THE LINE UP Tara Duvivier - Makoosa Cookout Absorbing the sounds of New York since her birth in Brooklyn, Tara spins a collage
Fractal Architectures

Check out Laetitia Soulier's mesmerizing photography series.

Check it outMeet Laetitia Soulier